[Esip-discovery] NOAA Priorities for Research (resending)

Christopher Lynnes clynnes at mac.com
Fri Apr 29 08:58:54 EDT 2022

Hi folks!

At the AMS Washington Forum this week, the NOAA Science Advisory Board presented recommended Priorities for Weather Research for NOAA, kind of the counterpart to NASA’s Decadal Surveys. 
They included 10 “Immediate Next Steps”, the last of which was:
"Develop improved, increasingly objective methods to balance investments across the weather information value chain…includingimproved metrics to measure success”, etc.”

So this is something where the Usage-Based Discovery can help, in the ability to analyze data impacts using the underlying graph database. So if and when NOAA takes up these recommendations, it may be worth making sure that they know about the cluster’s work.

The report can be downloaded from here:
https://sab.noaa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/PWR-Report_Final_12-9-21.pdf <https://sab.noaa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/PWR-Report_Final_12-9-21.pdf>

Chris Lynnes

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