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Bell, Joseph M jmbell at usgs.gov
Thu Mar 3 14:06:37 EST 2022

Hello Envirosensor Cluster,
Hope all is well.
Excited to reach out with a USGS Recent Graduate position opened by USGS on USA jobs. A recent graduate is define as an individual who has graduated from an accredited educational institute or certificate program within the last 2 years or 6 years for Veterans

Please reach out with any questions, copy of posting and info below. This opening will also hit the Slack channel


This position will be posted to Slack too
You can find the listing here:
Recent Graduate, GS-1315-7/9

Paste of posting here:

Job opening at the US Geological Survey

Accepting Applications Feb 28 - Mar 11

The USGS New England Water Science Center is hiring a Hydrologist to be located in any one of our New England offices

These positions for early career hydrologists in the Hydrology and Hydraulics Investigations Section of the New England Water Science Center | U.S. Geological Survey (usgs.gov) will support a large Floodplain modeling and mapping project we operate for FEMA. We conduct multiple additional investigations related to surface water quantity such as building streamflow equations for a range of flows, watershed modeling, and climate change trend work. We also seek support for several large data managements and data visualizations projects under development. HEC RAS, ArcGIS, Python and R skills are highly desirable. We have some flexibility with the tasks assigned to staff and we consider your personal interests and skills when making decisions about assignments. The USGS has many funding partners including other Federal Agencies (FEMA, NASA, FHWA, USACE, EPA, etc.), State agencies (DEP, DOT, EMA, etc.), and Local entities (Towns, Cities, Native American Tribes).

Please apply through USA Jobs (USAJOBS - The Federal Government's official employment site)

Here's the direct link to the position: https://www.usajobs.gov/job/639668700

Eligibility Requirements:

*Qualifying graduates that have completed school in the last 2 years or will graduate by May.

*Applicants must have a valid driver's license

For a full list of the requirements go directly to the position posting: Recent Graduate, GS-1315-7/9
We encourage members of under-represented populations in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions, such as women and minority racial or ethnic groups to apply. We are committed to inclusive hiring practices that build a healthy workplace where diversity is our strength, and everyone has the support they need to succeed.

Joseph Bell
USGS Hydrologist, Environmental Hydrology Section, New England Water Science Center;
NGWOS Project Manager, Hydrologic Instrument Research & Development Project
Next Generation Water Observing System Program (NGWOS)<https://www.usgs.gov/mission-areas/water-resources/science/next-generation-water-observing-system-ngwos?qt-science_center_objects=0#qt-science_center_objects>
Earth Science Information Partners, EnviroSensing Cluster
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