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Hi All -

A few call reminders:
The Climate and Energy Cluster will meet today at 3 pm EDT.
The Information Quality Cluster will meet tomorrow (Friday) at 2 pm EDT.

Details for both calls:

   * Call in # 1-877-669-3239

   * Participant access code is: *23133897*

We are also in the process of identifying potential future meeting themes
for 2012 and beyond. If you have ideas please post them to the

If you have announcements for the Monday Updates, let me know by Sunday


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Hi IQ folks,

As you know, we are preparing for the ESIP Summer meeting in *Santa Fe, NM -
July 12-15, 2011*

* *


The main theme of the meeting:

*Data and Information Quality*

Our cluster will play a big role at the meeting.

The following data quality tracks are considered for the meeting:

   - Terminology/taxonomy
   - Data Intercomparison and quality harmonization
   - Best practices in different communities
   - Level 2 Quality flags (and what do they tell about the product quality)
   - Level 3 "Quality" (what’s that?)
   - Fit-for-purpose criteria for data quality (e.g., climate change need
   vs. near-real-time monitoring need)
   - Data quality ontology (The Semantic Web Cluster is already working on
   logistics of the Data Quality Ontology breakout session)
   - Presenting data quality to users

Also, we need to suggest and invite speakers for plenary and breakout
sessions. These speakers should be engaging and describing various aspects
of data quality. It will good to have different views on this subject.

Talking about best practices in different communities will be done at one of
the breakout sessions of our cluster at the Summer meeting.

Let’s have a telecon this coming Friday at 2 pm EDT.

Friday ???1100 PT/1200 MT/1300 CT/1400 ET??

   * Call in # 1-877-669-3239

   * Participant access code is: *23133897*

Please let me and the cluster know if this time is suitable this week and
for the future – we may have biweekly telecons.

During this telecom I suggest to discuss:

1.       What are the most important aspects of data quality we need to
address at the summer ESIP meeting?

2.       The next telecon time and agenda – I hope to have reps from various
communities presenting their approaches to data quality.

I can request WebEx for our telecons so we can have an option to have a
visual interactive presentation.

Our cluster webpage is at:


If you know of people that should be involved in this cluster work, please
forward the webpage information to them.

Also, any suggestions about the cluster, telecom or the summer meeting –
please send them to me and/or the group.




Dr. Gregory Leptoukh
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Gregory.Leptoukh at nasa.gov

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