[Esip-infoquality] Short ESIP IQ telecon today at 2 pm EDT

Leptoukh, Gregory G. (GSFC-6102) gregory.g.leptoukh at nasa.gov
Fri Apr 15 13:04:59 EDT 2011

* Call in # 1-877-669-3239<tel:1-877-669-3239>

* Participant access code is: 23133897#

We'll have a short IQ telecon today. Not a lot of folks are available this Friday... and on Fridays in general.

Today I'll brief you on the EGU data quality related activities.

We need to pick up a better day/time.  One of the available options is the first or the third Tue afternoon - we can do 2 pm. Or 3 pm, or even 4 pm.
We can also go for the third Thursday.

Please vote by indicating which option is good for you in an e-mail to me:

1.       1st Tue   2pm EDT

2.       1st Tue   3pm EDT

3.       1st Tue   4pm EDT

4.       3rd Tue 2pm EDT

5.       3rd Tue 3pm EDT

6.       3rd Tue 4pm EDT

7.       3rd Thursday 2 pm EDT

We also need to have names of representatives from different communities who talk about data quality issues in their communities:

1.       SST: Peter Cornillon ?

2.       Ocean Color: Ed Armstrong ?

3.       Aerosols: ?

4.       Air Quality: Stefan Falke ? somebody from EPA or, at least, from the AQ cluster?

5.       GCM or modeling in general: ?

6.       Hydrology: Eric Wood ?

7.       Precipitation: George Huffman?

8.       Mission/sensor development: ?

9.       ???


-Greg, 301-614-5253

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