[Esip-infoquality] Fall AGU Meeting - Session #7686 - Earth Science Data Quality Information - Just over a day to deadline

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Tue Aug 4 17:27:43 EDT 2015



Just sending an occasional reminder. Sorry if you get multiple copies of this message since we are working with several mailing lists.


In case you have not already submitted to an AGU session and are considering submitting an abstract, please look into the following session on Data/Information/Product Quality. The session is IN06 (or ID #7686).  The submission deadline as you well know is tomorrow (5 August 2015, 23:59 EDT). 


As I write this there are 14 abstracts submitted to the session, and they all look interesting. We are looking forward to active participation by you and/or your colleagues.


Session Title: Approaches to Improved Collection and Dissemination of Earth Science Data Quality Information. 


The session abstract is given below.


"This session seeks to explore and discuss existing Earth science data quality and usability challenges, along with proposed and existing solutions, faced by data providers/stewards and data producers. Data providers/stewards are responsible for archival and dissemination of data, metadata, and associated documentation as well as technological tools or services to enhance data discovery and access. Data producers are responsible for production of datasets and characterizing their quality and uncertainties.  This session seeks papers with examples of and solutions to data quality challenges addressing topics including: assessment, characterization and expression of uncertainty, accuracy and precision, developing and applying confidence levels as data quality flag parameters, quality-filtered data search/extraction, developing/implementing standardized quality metrics, and quality-centric metadata. Solutions to data quality challenges may be considered within the following sub-topics: data and system architecture, interoperability, automated technologies, crowd-sourcing, code-sharing and re-use, and cloud computing."





On behalf of session conveners:


David Moroni (David.F.Moroni at jpl.nasa.gov) 

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


H. K. (Rama) Ramapriyan (Hampapuram.Ramapriyan at ssaihq.com) 

Science Systems and Applications, Inc. and

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Ge Peng (ge.peng at noaa.gov) 

Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites, NC (CICS-NC)

North Carolina State University (NCSU) and

NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Center for Weather and Climate (CWC)






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