[Esip-infoquality] Telecon today at 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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The session descriptions are at 

*	 <http://commons.esipfed.org/node/8781> http://commons.esipfed.org/node/8781 
*	 <http://commons.esipfed.org/node/8782> http://commons.esipfed.org/node/8782
*	 <http://commons.esipfed.org/node/8783> http://commons.esipfed.org/node/8783

We have proposed three, but are not sure if they will have enough time slots to accommodate all of them. In any case, the plan is to provide some introduction to the cluster, tutorial on developing use cases and spend some time actually developing a few use cases.



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Rama and Bob, I'd be happy to participate in the breakout sessions and I'm sure many in the disaster cluster (cc'd) will be enthusiastic as well.

Sean Barberie 
Disaster Cluster Student Fellow

On Nov 12, 2015 2:44 PM, "Hampapuram Ramapriyan" <hampapuram.ramapriya at ssaihq.com> wrote:

This looks a good idea for a collaboration. Since we were just discussing developing use cases at the ESIP Winter meeting's IQC breakout sessions, it may be good to consider developing a use case involving the Disasters Cluster. It would be great if some of the members from that cluster are able to join the breakout sessions.

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> Dear ESIP Information Quality Cluster Chairs and Members,
> During the ESIP Earth Science Data Analytics (ESDA) Cluster telecon, today,
> Sean Barberie, the student fellow for the ESIP Disasters Cluster, mentioned
> that the Disasters Cluster is exploring the concept of trustworthiness of data
> and that the Disasters Cluster is looking for another ESIP Cluster to
> collaborate with on this issue. Steve Kempler, the Chair of the ESDA,
> suggested that the ESIP Information Quality (IQ) Cluster might be the
> appropriate cluster to work with on the issue of data trustworthiness. I agree
> and volunteered to initiate the discussion of data trustworthiness with the IQ
> cluster and am also copying both Sean Barberie and Steve Kempler on this
> message.
> Thanks,
> Bob
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