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We had set up a Google doc <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gKigsQLckUDioh9me-rLdIFVCX4cK-bUSNA7tDgqx7M/edit>  for people to put down AGU session ideas relevant to the IQC a few weeks ago. There are four ideas in that document now. We talked briefly about them during the telecon. We were not sure who put down the first two ideas. The third one was from David Moroni and the fourth one (potential, at this point) was from Chung-Lin Shie. 

The consensus during the meeting was that these were good ideas, and sufficiently different that they should not be merged. However, we also discussed that narrow topics do not attract many abstracts, and the AGU technical committee will ask us to merge with other sessions (sometimes not very closely related). Further, it is desirable to have conveners from multiple organizations. Given that we have contacts with European and Australian groups now, we should consider requesting co-conveners from those groups to see if they would be interested in participating in putting one or more sessions with us.

Now that the session proposal deadline April 17 is approaching fast, we encourage IQC members to form the appropriate alliances and move these session ideas forward.



(on behalf of IQC Co-Chairs - H. K. "Rama" Ramapriyan, David Moroni and Ge Peng).


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