[Esip-infoquality] Charing the Information Quality Cluster

Hampapuram Ramapriyan hampapuram.ramapriya at ssaihq.com
Wed Aug 28 18:36:30 EDT 2019

Dear IQC members,


I have been chairing the Information Quality Cluster since 2014 and it has been a great ride, thanks to David Moroni's and Ge Peng's help as co-chairs, as well as the active participation by many members. I would like to step aside and make room for someone else to be  the Chair starting in January 2020. You are all familiar with what we have accomplished over the last 5 years and I am glad that we have built collaborations with other interested groups, including internationally. It would be good to keep up the momentum as well as bring in some fresh ideas and directions for the Cluster. Please let me know by September 15, 2019 if you are interested in taking on being the Chair for at least 2 (or 3 years) starting in January. 

David and Peng have indicated that they will be happy to continue as Co-Chairs. 

If more than one of you expresses interest in chairing the Cluster, we will hold an informal election via e-mail. 

To refresh your memory on things we have been doing recently, please see the recent presentations (from the Summer 2019  <https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.9336248.v1>  ESIP Meeting). In addition, remembering that this cluster arose out of the Data Stewardship Committee, we participate in their monthly telecons and work closely with them to report on our progress once in a while as well as contribute to their planning and reporting. If you have any questions about being a Cahir, please feel free to contact me.







H. K. Ramapriyan (Rama)

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