[Esip-preserve] Anybody out there yet?

Alice Barkstrom alicebarkstrom at verizon.net
Fri Feb 6 12:40:08 EST 2009

I am as well.  I've spent the last couple of weeks
working on a model for software development
contingency and reviewing a paper.  I'll return to
writing up a paper on production paradigms.

You might want to see if Martha Maiden has
anything in writing on the NASA policy.  As I
recall, NARA and the Library of Congress are
the agencies with the ultimate authority on
archival and preservation.  Their authority is
usually delegation under "Records Management".
To the best of my knowledge, NASA is not
authorized by NARA to retain archives for
long-term preservation.  NOAA, and probably
only NCDC, actually has that authorization.
I'll see if I can dig up the NOAA policy, which
has been undergoing some revisions in the
last year.

Bruce B.

At 11:54 AM 2/6/2009, Peter Fox wrote:
>I am.
>On 06/02/2009, at 11:32 AM, Christopher Lynnes wrote:
>>I did some minor editing on the ESIP preservation cluster site to
>>make the page more modular, uploaded a couple salient references.  I
>>wanted to track down some explicit NASA data preservation policies,
>>but they seem to be a bit thin on the ground...Anyone know where
>>they can be found?
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