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I have posted the link to the document on the wiki with a brief quote
from the document. It is a pretty imposing document due to its breadth,
and when I was dealing with the issue a couple of years ago with the
NASA Records Officer at HQ, she gave me a helpful summary and pointers
to the sections I am referring to. While I do have the URL to the
document I am not quite sure if it is accessible from outside NASA.
Someone could try and let me know.


BTW - I should give John Moses credit for the excerpt below - I borrowed
it from one of his recent charts.





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Excellent help.

Can we get the whole document to serve as an ESIP background
for this discussion?

Also, as a question for the group as a whole, do we need a kind
of tutorial on the role of NARA and the government process that
goes with "records retention?"

Bruce b.

At 01:54 PM 2/6/2009, Ramapriyan, Hampapuram K. (GSFC-423.0) wrote:

I am here as well. There is an NASA Program Requirements document (NPR
1441.1D) that applies.
Excerpts from there:
*           NPR 1441.1 NRRS (NASA Records Retention Schedule):
-          Schedule 2: Legal and Technical Records
*           Agency Filing Scheme # 2420 Item 15 Computer/Electronic
Media. Computer media that contain all the basis and supporting
measurements after they have selected, process and reduce to the final
form that best represent the scientific knowledge obtained form the
*           Agency Filing Scheme #2430 Item 17 Computer-Media Storage
-          A. Space science flight project/experiment data.  Media which
have been used to create reduced data, or where usable data has been
extracted.  These data typically represent any and all orbiting
spacecraft originated data, including instrument and housekeeping data.
(e.g., UARS)
-          B. Other Scientific Engineering and Experimental Data.
Environmental, oceanographic, atmospheric, terrestrial, data and or
extraterrestrial observations and measurements....
-          Schedule 8: Program Management Records
*           Agency Filing Scheme Item #8/101  Observational data.
Records containing physical sciences observational data created by both
space-and earth-based platforms that are unique and cannot be
extrapolated from other data sets or observations at a reasonable cost.
>          Copies of definitive data sets
>          Instrument operations
>          Copies of processed data and metadata, its analysis...
>          Laboratory notebooks, logbooks, studies and reports
*           When more than one laboratory works on a project the lead
project manager should establish procedures to ensure that all files
relating to the project area collect at a single designated location for
retirement and transfer
*           Requirement is to handle these records as 'permanent'
pending retention approval
-          "provide for permanent retention of substantive and
historically significant records" produced by NASA programs and projects
-          "Records cut off at close of project or in 3 year blocks for
long term projects"
*           Stipulates incremental transfers to "records center storage"
*           "Transfer to National Archives 7 years after cutoff"
>          Transfer to occur in accordance with NARA 36 CFR S 1228.270 
>          Provides standard of transfer media, data formats and
-          "Program/project staff must exercise case-by-case judgment to
ensure that permanent records are identified and retained while other
records are destroyed appropriately"
Dr. H. K. Ramapriyan (Rama)
ESDIS Project, Code 423, NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771 
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> I am as well.  I've spent the last couple of weeks
> working on a model for software development
> contingency and reviewing a paper.  I'll return to
> writing up a paper on production paradigms.
> You might want to see if Martha Maiden has
> anything in writing on the NASA policy.  As I
> recall, NARA and the Library of Congress are
> the agencies with the ultimate authority on
> archival and preservation.  Their authority is
> usually delegation under "Records Management".
> To the best of my knowledge, NASA is not
> authorized by NARA to retain archives for
> long-term preservation.  NOAA, and probably
> only NCDC, actually has that authorization.
> I'll see if I can dig up the NOAA policy, which
> has been undergoing some revisions in the
> last year.
> Bruce B.
> At 11:54 AM 2/6/2009, Peter Fox wrote:
> >I am.
> >
> >---Peter.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >On 06/02/2009, at 11:32 AM, Christopher Lynnes wrote:
> >
> >>I did some minor editing on the ESIP preservation cluster site to
> >>make the page more modular, uploaded a couple salient references.  I
> >>wanted to track down some explicit NASA data preservation policies,
> >>but they seem to be a bit thin on the ground...Anyone know where
> >>they can be found?
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