[Esip-preserve] Plans for summer ESIP meeting

Alice Barkstrom alicebarkstrom at verizon.net
Wed Mar 18 22:54:14 EDT 2009

OK.  I'll start to pick up contacting Bob and Laura.

At 05:54 PM 3/18/2009, you wrote:
>I think plans for the upcoming ESIP meeting are shaping up.  I've
>talked to Carol and it looks like ESIP can waive registration fees for
>invited speakers but can't cover travel expenses.  It is time to start
>inviting speakers and I've started that off by inviting Thornton
>Staples from the Fedora Commons to talk about Fedora and DuraSpace.
>In addition, Bruce Wilson has started discussions with Clifford Duke
>from the Ecological Society of America.  However, there are several
>holes in our speaker lineup so far that I could use your help in
>filling.  I've included the sessions and speaker lists below.  Please
>reply with your suggestions for additional/alternate speakers and I'll
>see that they are posted to the wiki.  Alternately, go ahead and
>update the wiki.  In particular, speakers in/around Santa Barbara
>would be best...
>Preservation Technologies:
>- Fedora (and maybe DuraSpace) - Thornton Staples
>- LOCKSS - Vicky Reich or David Rosenthal
>- iRODS - Reagan Moore
>- other preservation technology speakers?
>- Workflow Technology speakers?
>- Don Sawyer - OAIS reference model
>- Mike Folk - HDF
>- Rebecca Guenther - PREMIS
>- ISO 19115/NAP?
>- netCD/CF-1?
>View from the field:
>- NARA - Bod Chadduck
>- LOC - Laura Campbell
>- NSF - ?
>- Ecological Society of America - Clifford Duke
>- Medicine?
>- Astronomy?
>- Others?
>Provenance Research
>- Jim Frew
>- Bruce Barkstrom
>- Ruth Duerr
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