[Esip-preserve] Plans for summer ESIP meeting

Ruth Duerr rduerr at nsidc.org
Wed Mar 18 17:54:50 EDT 2009


I think plans for the upcoming ESIP meeting are shaping up.  I've  
talked to Carol and it looks like ESIP can waive registration fees for  
invited speakers but can't cover travel expenses.  It is time to start  
inviting speakers and I've started that off by inviting Thornton  
Staples from the Fedora Commons to talk about Fedora and DuraSpace.   
In addition, Bruce Wilson has started discussions with Clifford Duke  
from the Ecological Society of America.  However, there are several  
holes in our speaker lineup so far that I could use your help in  
filling.  I've included the sessions and speaker lists below.  Please  
reply with your suggestions for additional/alternate speakers and I'll  
see that they are posted to the wiki.  Alternately, go ahead and  
update the wiki.  In particular, speakers in/around Santa Barbara  
would be best...



Preservation Technologies:
- Fedora (and maybe DuraSpace) - Thornton Staples
- LOCKSS - Vicky Reich or David Rosenthal
- iRODS - Reagan Moore
- other preservation technology speakers?
- Workflow Technology speakers?

- Don Sawyer - OAIS reference model
- Mike Folk - HDF
- Rebecca Guenther - PREMIS
- ISO 19115/NAP?
- netCD/CF-1?

View from the field:
- NARA - Bod Chadduck
- LOC - Laura Campbell
- NSF - ?
- Ecological Society of America - Clifford Duke
- Medicine?
- Astronomy?
- Others?

Provenance Research
- Jim Frew
- Bruce Barkstrom
- Ruth Duerr

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