[Esip-preserve] DataCite to require "landing pages"

Dr.Jeff de La Beaujardiere jeff.delabeaujardiere at noaa.gov
Wed Feb 29 13:57:31 EST 2012

Can an ISO 19139 (XML) metadata record serve as a landing page?
If not, what about HTML produced from the XML using a stylesheet?

-Jeff DLB

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On 2012-02-22 12:55, Greg Janée wrote:
> There are some changes brewing at DataCite regarding DOI requirements. Per Joan
> Starr:
> "There is a very strong push within the group for a requirement that all DOIs
> point to landing pages and not to the object directly. [For submitters that
> don't provide their own landing pages] DataCite is going to create canned
> landing pages based on the metadata that submitters provide."
> What constitutes a "landing page"? Again, per Joan:
> "The landing page typically contains one or more of the following:
> +full citation of the data
> +statement on access to data (such as a link to the data or usage restriction
> information)
> +associated metadata
> +information, software, or context required for unpackaging, reading and
> interpreting the data"
> I'm curious what this group thinks about this requirement. It certainly narrows
> the scope of applicability for DOIs.
> -Greg
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