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LOCKSS is a Stanford project that has arranged to do
independent replication of selected journal papers in
which each participating organization checks to see if
copies have been corrupted.  We had a LOCKSS
representative give a talk at the ESIP meeting in
Santa Barbara a few years ago.  The model is one
that would be a possible approach for long-term
Earth science data preservation.  The issue is
likely to be scaling up to Petabyte or Exabyte
size data holdings.  The test for ensuring that
files haven't been tampered with would require
that no bits were changes - so participating archives
could never reformat data.

Haven't heard of CLOCKSS or Copernicus.org,
although the LOCKSS folks are quite reputable
and probably saving participating libraries lots
of money.  Also, you can start up a LOCKSS
Box with a commodity computer and have a
maintenance rate of maybe an hour per month
of downtime.

Bruce B.

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> I got this in some quasi-spam from Copernicus.org (?).  Anyone know
> anything about LOCKSS or CLOCKSS and whether it has relevance to the ESIP
> preservation group's concerns/works?
> Begin forwarded message:
> > 2. CLOCKSS
> > Following our great cooperation with Portico on the long-term
> preservation of digital content, we have joined CLOCKSS as the second
> partner in the e-archiving of all our journal articles and related
> material. CLOCKSS, or Controlled LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe),
> is a not-for-profit joint venture between the world’s leading scholarly
> publishers and research libraries to build a sustainable, geographically
> distributed archive for the benefit of the greater global research
> community. Please see more information at: http://www.clockss.org
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