[Esip-preserve] A Preliminary Notion of a Project Plan for a Data Reconstruction Project

Bruce Barkstrom brbarkstrom at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 16:38:00 EST 2014

After Rama supported my suggestion of writing a project plan for
reconstructing data (and
documentation) collections that may have become obsolete or gone missing, I
got enthused
about the idea of figuring out how to estimate resources and schedules for
such a reconstruction
project.  The attachment is roughly equivalent to a PowerPoint presentation
on the
subject.  The presentation is embedded in a pdf document with 44 slides.
Because I've
used successive disclosure of bullets, the number of page advance clicks is

I think this material may be helpful in a discussion of the kind of project
Curt was
proposing.  For now, I'd suggest just commenting on the pdf would be the
sensible thing to do.  There are certainly additional things that should be
done, including
tying the plan items to the NASA standard for documentation of satellite
and providing example inventory spreadsheets to aid in building a Work

Bruce B.
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