[Esip-preserve] Final Report (finally!) on Identifiers Testbed activity

Nancy Hoebelheinrich nhoebel at kmotifs.com
Mon Jan 6 17:56:08 EST 2014

Hello, all:

Just in time for the meeting this week, I've uploaded the final draft of the
Report on the Identifiers Testbed activity sponsored by the Data Stewardship
Committee and the Products & Services Committee to the Data Stewardship wiki
y_Hoebelheinrich_and_Janee.  This page links to the Report in both MS Word
and PDF format as well as to Appendix A:  Identifier Scheme Comparison Table
in PDF format that has been published as an 11" x 17" printable document.
I've created a separate entry as it won't fit very well within the current
report format.  I'm not attaching the documents themselves to this message,
but can send them out via email if people think that's advisable.  


While Greg and I are not expecting people to have read the documents by the
Data Stewardship meeting this coming Friday, I will be on the call for that
meeting, and will be happy to report / answer questions about the documents.
We would both appreciate any comments / feedback upon the report in upcoming
weeks including what to do next with the report, if anything.  Thanks!


Nancy (and Greg)



 <https://kmotifs.com/> _LOGOhiResTRANSPARENT_4800pxRGB


Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich

Information Analyst/Principal

nhoebel at kmotifs.com

San Mateo, CA  94401

(v) 650-302-4493

(f) 650-745-3333


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