[Esip-preserve] NOAA looks for advice to make its data easier to use

Marshall X Ma max7 at rpi.edu
Sat Mar 22 18:17:05 EDT 2014

Just read this on EOS, issue Mar.18


The EOS message is open access at:


Key points are:

.        About 100 petabytes environmental data are stored in NOAA data
centers and are increasing by 30 petabytes a year; but only 

about 10% of the data are available online 

.        NOAA has issued (Feb24) a request for information (RFI) for ideas
on how to better make use of its data (due by 24 March)

.        The RFI is not only about getting the information out but also
represents a change of business model

.        "We are looking at seeing if we can establish a private, collective
model where the private sector collectively invests in creating sustainable
methods to extract NOAA data, move to the cloud, and then position it with
computer storage and advanced analytics." -- Joseph Klimavicz, NOAA chief
information officer


The RFI is at:








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Happened to notice


Have fun.

Bruce B.

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