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Hi all,

The Australian contingent of this IG has set up a Provenance Use Case capture tool and invite you to contribute Use Cases related to provenance. The collection of Use Cases will be used to inform this and other IG's actions. We need to simply write up some lists in order to know the breadth of the field we are considering.

The tool:

* is a small website online at http://promsns.org/uc/
* is open to anyone - so far I've invited this group and the Australian Prov IG to contribute but anyone is welcome
* is based on a generic UC template that has previously be used for Semantic Web work
* uses distributed system categorisation to group UCs
* lists the 'granularity' of UCs
* is a stably named, linked-data website to that the URLs for UCs, such as http://promsns.org/uc/usecases/20 may be used as persistent identifiers for referring to them
* is very basic. Please be gently with your criticisms! I will be adding functionality where and when required. Some coming functionality will be:
- searching and browsing (when we have lots of cases)
- listing of cases attributes such as Granularities/Actors etc.
- export to PDF using the RPI UC template (see below References)
- extension of the Granularities field as required

References for categorisation and granularities are given on the References page: http://promsns.org/uc/references

I hope to list a range of UCs across the spectrum of provenance work. I will be updating the tool based on feedback from use. Please send any constructive criticism to me at nicholas.car at csiro.au<mailto:nicholas.car at csiro.au>.

Initially, I think we can assume ownership/copyright of UCs belongs to the Contributor but that there's an understanding that, since collection here is to assist the RDA and other provenance initiatives, that Creative Commons-style attribution licenses apply for fair use in this pursuit.


Nicholas Car
Research Projects Officer

CSIRO Land & Water
PO Box 2583, Brisbane QLD 4001

Building 1B West
EcoSciences Precinct
41 Boggo Road, Dutton Park
QLD 4102 Australia

m: 0427 300 292
w: 07 3833 5600
e: nicholas.car at csiro.au<mailto:nicholas.car at csiro.au>
Skype: nicholas.car

Researcher ID: G-9490-2013
Google Scholar:

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