[Esip-preserve] Data Stewardship telecon

Ruth Duerr via Esip-preserve esip-preserve at lists.esipfed.org
Tue Oct 7 13:01:45 EDT 2014

Hi all,

We are supposed to have a Data Stewardship telecon this Friday; but I will unfortunately be teaching up at UIUC for their LEEP day (the one day a semester that I actually see all my students).  Ordinarily I’d cancel this month’s telecon; but we have a lot of things to discuss and finalize before the Jan. meeting.  I also note that Sarah is in the process of trying to find a better time for these telecons since so many people have conflicts; but that process isn’t done yet.  So in the meantime, is there any possibility that we could move this months telecon to next Friday?  If you can’t make it let me know and if moving the telecon an hour either way would help, let me know that too.



Proposed agenda:
* Preparations for half-day workshop on citing dynamic data at ESIP winter meeting
* Picking a direction for the PCCS work - to generalize or restrict to certain categories of data
* How to move forward with NOAA’s Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix work 
* Next round of comment on Citation guidelines for publishers, editors and reviewers
* Paper status (if time)

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