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Hello Everyone,

On the call today we were supposed to discuss the Stewardship Maturity Matrix.... But no one could remember why :)  Below are the notes from the summer session where the matrix was discussed.   Hopefully this jogs everyone's memory.  At the next call we will be discussing this further, but please use the list to engage in the mean time.

Complete notes online:

Highlights of Ge Peng Stewardship Maturity matrix
Summary of talk given yesterday for those who were not there.  Work done between NC state and NCDC. We all know the value of stewardship for data after they are used and we become custodians of that data.  As a data center, many questions come out of this, like congressional inquiries with compliance with laws, or businesses that want to invest money.  And common data format etc.  Or modelers who want to use a data set for computations.

There is not currently a practice for how to do this that is holistic.  Reviewed in flowchart, what they have done so far.  There are 4 key areas.  And focused on the relevant areas they identified. ... went over who could use the matrix and the various scenarios related to that.  Current stage is a working draft and next steps is to get ESIP involved with this process.  The presentation is uploaded in the node for yesterday's session.  Best practices on data quality (http://commons.esipfed.org/node/2369).

Ruth - was thinking that if this group took this on to ESIP-ize it, we can look at the terminologies and phrases to make it fit a broader audience.


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