[Esip-preserve] RDA Virtual Plenary Session, Re-publication and duplication of data: Authority, Identity, Ethics

Robert Downs rdowns at ciesin.columbia.edu
Fri Mar 20 20:58:36 EDT 2020

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As part of the RDA Virtual Plenary 15
https://www.rd-alliance.org/rda-virtual-plenary-programme, the session
"Re-publication and duplication of data: Authority, Identity, Ethics" will
be held on Wednesday, 25 March 2020, at 1100 UTC and 2300 UTC.

Research data in digital form can be easily copied, stored in multiple
places, and re-published through more than one repository or service.
Mirroring resources is a common practice, but offering exactly the same
version of the data in multiple places raises questions. In December 2019,
a Twitter exchange about a case of data re-publication started a broader
debate. What are the pros and cons of data re-publication? How can humans
and machines know whether they are accessing an authoritative copy of the
data? How can the authoritative source (data centre) be attributed or
acknowledged in mirror sites? Who gets credit for the used and cited data?
Do we need to rethink data licensing? What needs to be replicated in order
to preserve the quality standards of the original data? In this session, we
will explore these and other questions and discuss possible next steps in
RDA and beyond to develop guidance on data re-publication.

Please note that you need to register to join this call.
25 March 2020, 1100 UTC:
25 March 2020, 2300 UTC:

Also, the RDA Data Versioning WG will have its closing session on 26 March
2020, at 1100 UTC.

Please note that you need to register to join this call.
26 March 2020, 1100 UTC:

Updated Report of the RDA Data Versioning WG: https://bit.ly/2QLGgSb



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