[Esip-preserve] Assigning DOIs to data set versions?

Danie Kinkade dkinkade at whoi.edu
Tue May 26 15:34:11 EDT 2020

Hi Matt - BCO-DMO follows a very similar strategy as EarthChem, and use 
version number in our DOI suffix (e.g., XXXXX.1; tracking major 
reversions here).

But, we consider it published as soon as data files are linked to 
metadata and the DOI has been requested (aka "validated" in our local 
parlance); any changes after that point (to data content vs metadata) 
warrant a new DOI version.
Best of luck as you navigate your strategy!

On 5/26/20 1:23 PM, Kerstin Lehnert via Esip-preserve wrote:
> At the EarthChem Library, we generate a new version & DOI only if the 
> actual data in the data file have changed as such change will have an 
> impact on the outcomes of the data use i.e. reproducibility of the 
> scientific interpretation. If changes are made to metadata, especially 
> if it's just a correction of a method or sample location, we do record 
> that change in an annotation, but do not issue a new version.
> If a correction of the data (fixing typos) is made shortly after 
> publication and before a published dataset has ever been downloaded, 
> we usually allow the corrected version to replace the old one without 
> issuing a new DOI.
> Kerstin
> On 5/26/20 13:06, Parsons, Mark via Esip-preserve wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> When I was at NSIDC, we assigned major versions to things that “might 
>> change the science”. A very crude rule of thumb, but helpful.
>> The Arctic Data Center at NCEAS, on the other hand, assigns a new DOI 
>> for any little change to the data or metadata.
>> Much depends on the nature of the data: how dynamic it is, what 
>> expected use patterns are…
>> Of course, the RDA dynamic data citation rec. addresses the issue to 
>> a large degree. This might be a good time to try and implement. I 
>> know Reyna Jenkins at Ocean Networks Canada is grappling with this 
>> with similar types of data.
>> cheers,
>> -m.
>>> On 26 May 2020, at 10:32, Matthew Mayernik via Esip-preserve 
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>>> <mailto:esip-preserve at lists.esipfed.org>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I have a question about how you all are dealing with version 
>>> tracking and DOIs. I am familiar with the ESIP data citation 
>>> recommendation that talks about "major" vs "minor" versions, but I 
>>> am curious about how this is actually being implemented.
>>> Does your repository assign DOIs for each denoted version, e.g. 
>>> version 1, version 2, etc? Do you assign DOIs for incremental 
>>> version changes, e.g. version 1.2 or version 2.3? What constitutes a 
>>> version change in these cases? Does anybody assign DOIs to any 
>>> change at all regardless of how large (e.g. a wording update in 
>>> metadata)? Does anybody not assign new DOIs regardless of any 
>>> versioning or dataset changes?
>>> I'm asking because we are bringing in a fairly complex group of 
>>> datasets into one of our NCAR repositories, and tracking versions is 
>>> not at all straightforward. Since we intend to assign DOIs to the 
>>> data, we're working through the above scenarios with no clear 
>>> optimal outcome yet.
>>> Any input on how you are actually implementing the ESIP 
>>> recommendations (or others) on this would be much appreciated,
>>> Best,
>>> Matt
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