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Megan Orlando meganorlando at esipfed.org
Wed Nov 29 14:46:01 EST 2023

Hi Everyone,

For a little more context, the current Chair of Data Stewardship has needed
to step out of the role. The Program Committee will appoint a new Chair and
Elisha may agree to be that person, but first wanted to determine whether
other Committee participants share her enthusiasm for the direction she is
interested in going in.

>From my perspective, this sounds like a great and very concrete direction
to head in that will involve cross-collaboration area connections with a
number of other ESIP groups.

Anyone on this mailing list is invited to speak up if this idea resonates
with them, regardless of whether or not you have the energy to
contribute in a major way. Questions are also welcome. All input is
especially invited before next Wednesday Dec. 6.

What do others think?


Megan Orlando
ESIP Community Director
meganorlando at esipfed.org
Please note my new last name.

On Wed, Nov 29, 2023 at 2:28 PM Elisha Wood-Charlson <
emwood-charlson at lbl.gov> wrote:

> Aloha ESIP data stewardship committee!
> As I often ask too many questions about data and the research process
> during ESIP calls, Megan asked me if I would be willing to present a
> possible project to this group - as something we could consider working on
> for the rest of the year's term.
> I drafted some ideas into a G-doc here
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/14rvBVGyr-KhnsiJFzhECU1Tgem-8Z3sqQCawQifxbM4/edit?usp=sharing>.
> The main goal would be to
> *explore what is necessary to link ESIP data streams in meaningful ways
> that support accurate navigation across the data landscape, by humans and
> machines (AI/ML). *
> *Proposed Scope of Effort*
>    1. Identify ESIP groups, committees, members that work on use case
>    topic (e.g., wildfires)
>    2. Set up community interviews to learn about their Qs and data sources
>    3. Establish small cross-data source teams to explore metadata
>    required to support data integration/interoperability
>    4. Prep a ESIP summer meeting session to report out, get feedback -
>    what are we missing to make connection, what data sources would others need
>    to address additional Qs
>    5. Draft report on process and finding and determine if
>    useful/relevant to try to apply to other use cases, scale
> Happy to field any questions, ideas, thoughts.
> Cheers,
> -Elisha
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