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I'm not sure what you specifically meant by known projects associated with USDA.

SMAP did a presentation at USDA about two years ago in October.  I participated in that event.

Several of our Science Team members and associates are either employees of USDA or have a relationship with that agency.

That is, of course, my reason for attending your session, and showing interest in your outreach.

Please let me know how and what you might want to do to create a means to coordinate with the SMAP mission.  Undoubtedly, global measure of soil moisture will be invaluable to the agricultural community.



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Minutes of today's (9/6/13) telecon

Attendees: Carol, Erin, Arif, Bill

0. Summary of recent meetings w/ USDA speakers
- LTAR operates at the action level, thus developing relationships with it is more immediately promising.
- CCPO operates at the coordination level (and at the USGCRP level), across 13 USDA agencies, so it'll probably take more time to get things going with it.

1. Prepare for presentation to LTAR and CCPO (overview on ESIP, relevant projects by ESIP members, ...)
- Action: Carol will send an ESIP 101 presentation package for Bill to use at the Sep. 16 LTAR webex. <== DONE
- Action: Bill will email send request to esip-all re: any members who have collaborated or are collaborating with any USDA agencies.
- Known projects (so far): Bill with FAS and WAOB; Menas with NIFA (was CSREES).

2. Inventory relevant ESIP assets; define "relevant"
- Discussed working towards some kind of inventory of needs and capabilities (both USDA and ESIP) as a goal/deliverable for Jan. ESIP meeting.
- Right now, too much is unknown; need to iterate, starting with LTAR webex, the next step.
- ESIP is a forum in which any member has a voice. Experience has shown, once in, members see the benefits and advantages. Question is how to interest potential members who are still on the outside.
- Carol suggested organization that have individuals involved with, or who are interested in, USDA: (1) NEON, the capabilities of which LTAR is trying to replicate; (2) USGCRP (esp. regarding CCPO); (3) NASA HQ/Applied Sciences; (4) USGEO
- Action: Bill to contact some or all.

3. Start planning ESIP Jan. 2014 meeting
- Should have better ideas after LTAR webex (9/16)
- Possible speakers to invite: Walbridge and/or Hohenstein (repeats from Chapel HIll but in person); Simon Liu of National Ag Libe and POC for LTAR data archive.
- Inventory of assets to focus on.

Please add, modify as needed. Thanks.


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A reminder for our first telecon this afternoon, 2-3 pm EDT. Talk with you all soon!
877-972-9852<tel:877-972-9852>, passcode 955688


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We'll have our first telecon tomorrow, Friday, Sep. 6, 2-3 pm EDT


0. Summary of recent meetings w/ USDA speakers
1. Prepare for presentation to LTAR and CCPO (overview on ESIP, relevant projects by ESIP members, ...)
2. Inventory relevant ESIP assets; define "relevant"
3. Start planning ESIP Jan. 2014 meeting

Looking forward to talking with you!

877-972-9852<tel:877-972-9852>, passcode 955688 (I'll send a reminder with this number again tomorrow.)



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