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Hi, All:

We're back! :-)

Our poll, "Scheduling a regular time for monthly Esip-agclimate telecon 
(2)," currently has six entries; there's also one more entry via email. 
Of the total of seven entries, the Tuesday 11 am - noon slot (Eastern) 
has the most votes (6). So, I'm proposing we close the poll and hold our 
regular monthly telecon the first Tuesday of each month. The next two 
telecons will thus be Nov. 5 and Dec. 3. Main topic will be what do we 
want to do for ESIP 2014 Winter Meeting. I assume we'll propose/have a 
session. Here are some items on my list:

1. Inventory of ESIP expertise/resources related to climate change, 
agriculture, and their relationship. I've an action item to email 
esip-all for inputs.
2. Review of ongoing work in climate change and agriculture (e.g., 
USDA's Climate Change Program Office). I'd like to get suggestions on 
how we should go about doing this review.
3. I did have that initial follow-up (to Chapel Hill) meeting with Bill 
Hohenstein of CCPO but have not done more, because ...
4. ... I'm thinking we should focus on the LTAR group for now, partly 
due to time constraints and partly because I think they are more ready 
to collaborate, not in the sense that they are more willing but in the 
sense that it's easier to see how ESIP and LTAR might collaborate. CCPO 
is a coordinating group for all the many participating USDA agencies, so 
it'd take more time to drill down to specific agencies and their 
interests and needs.
5. Possible invited speakers to ESIP'14 Winter: (1) Mark Walbridge; a 
repeat from Chapel Hill but in person and more focused discussion on 
specific potential collaboration areas (e.g., data, data technologies); 
(2) Simon Liu (National Ag Library), who'll be heading up (I think) the 
LTAR archive component (down the road a bit, schedule-wise, but perhaps 
he could give a preview); (3) others?
6. Mapping of ESIP expertise/resources (1) to LTAR roadmap I'd uploaded 
to http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Agriculture_and_Climate.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


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Hi, All:

Just a reminder to please go to the poll, "Scheduling a regular time for 
monthly Esip-agclimate telecon (2)," and enter your open time slots. 
Again, please ignore the dates (Sep. 23, etc.); we're trying to find a 
common time slot for each month. Currently, the two leading time slots 
are Tuesday 11 am - noon (ET) and Friday 3-4 pm (ET).

Erin has helped set up a wiki workspace for our cluster (thanks!). I've 
not had time to do much with it yet, other than uploading the recently 
released LTAR "roadmap," under Resources.

Re: Impending government shutdown - NASA email should still be working 
(w/ minimal support). But, just in case, here's one that'll always reach 
me: wlt3 at cornell.edu


On 09/18/2013 12:59 PM, Bill Teng wrote:
> Hi, Nancy et al.:
> Thanks for the reminder about the time zone. There's suppose to be a 
> link "Switch-on time-zone support" (above time fields), but I didn't 
> see it when I did the previous poll (sent yesterday and just closed). 
> On checking with Doodle help, it seems that, in Calendar view, the 
> time-zone support is on automatically. So, I created a new poll, 
> hopefully now with time-zone support. When you go to the poll, please 
> confirm that the time zone shown is your local one.
> Just to make sure, the time slots I've selected (all Eastern time) are 
> the following:
> Monday: 11-12, 1-2
> Tuesday: 11-12, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5
> Thursday: 1-2, 4-5
> Friday: 11-12, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4
> Please note that this poll is to try to find a common time slot that 
> is open for everyone each month. So, please ignore the dates (Sep. 23, 
> etc.). Only the days of the week are relevant. Thanks!
> Bill


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