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The First Draft of the SEEDS Formulation Team's Recommendations is now
available for comment at http://eos.nasa.gov/seeds
<http://eos.nasa.gov/seeds> .

We are very interested in receiving any and all comments on these draft
recommendations. In particular, we would like your reactions to the
recommendations, specific impacts you foresee for your organization, and
your thoughts on implementation, including possible barriers and areas
where implementation would seem to be relatively easy.

In the near term, please send any comments via email to Kathy Fontaine
at Kathleen.S.Fontaine@nasa.gov.  We are currently working on a
web-based commentary form which should be mounted in few weeks. In
addition, the upcoming SEEDS Public Workshop in March will offer further
opportunities to discuss these recommendations and their implementation.

Comments will be accepted on this draft until Friday, April 18, 2003.

Kathy Fontaine
Global Change Data Center, Code 902
Greenbelt, MD 20771

email - Kathleen.S.Fontaine@nasa.gov
voice - 301-614-5582
fax   - 301-614-5268