[ESIP-all] Data Set Publications

Vatsavai Ranga Raju vrraju at rockbass.gis.umn.edu
Fri May 2 19:12:53 EDT 2003

Lots of journals, for example "Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR)"
which is both an electronic and print journal. UCI Machine learning data
set is widely quoted in data mining/artificial intelligence/machine learning

Here is an example quote - 

"Both systems were applied to twenty databases from the UCI Repository 
that involve continuous attributes, either alone or in combination with 
discrete attributes."

and its reference -

Murphy, P., & Aha, D. (1994). UCI repository of machine learning databases {a machine-
readable data repository}. Maintained at the Department of Information and Computer
Science, University of California, Irvine. Anonymous FTP from ics.uci.edu in the
directory pub/machine-learning-databases.

Here is the url for JAIR author's guide which talks about citation requirements -

Hope that helps.

TerraSIP, U of MN. 

> G-Cubed).  I would also like to know what peer-reviewed Journals accept 
> data set citations (as references) and what their citation requirements are.

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