[ESIP-all] New Product Announcement from RITI (ESIP III)

Hung Pham hqpham at riti.com
Tue Nov 4 15:58:20 EST 2003

Dear ESIP Members,

I just wanted to let you know that RITI is pleased to announce the release
of a new GIS based astronomy software, Celestial Explorer: Mars.  Please
feel free to check it out.

Celestial Explorer: Mars is developed for everyone who has an interest in
the upcoming Mars missions.  Using the software, users can access the latest
Mars spacecrafts' mission reports and view high-definition terrain maps with
complete geological information.   A real-time 3D visualization allows users
to create and view the fantastic world of our closest neighbor.  A
Point-of-View feature allows viewers to rotate, center, and move anywhere on
the planet's surface.  Celestial Explorer: Mars offers user a user-friendly
interface, an up-to-date features database that includes past and future
landing sites, craters, mountains, valleys, historical facts, animated 3D
video, photos, captivating information resources, and more...

For detailed information, visit our website at

Hung Q. Pham
781-942-1655 x16
hqpham at riti.com

Also our other astronomy products:

Lunar Map Pro http://www.riti.com/prodserv_lunarmappro.htm
The Universe http://www.riti.com/prodserv_universe.htm

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