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For your information. We have been planning this conference for a very long
We invite you to submit an abstract of a paper for presentation at the 
EastFIRE conference, May 11-13, 2005 at George Mason University, in 
Fairfax, Virginia. Browse http://eastfire.gmu.edu/workshop/ for more
If you plan to submit an abstract, please provide a short title, your
information, and when within the next few days you could provide it. 
[The official deadline for abstract submittal is 1/31/05.]
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For the last century, North American forest communities have been vitally 
concerned with wildland fires. They have tried to eliminate wildland fires 
entirely, to reduce fire intensity, to thin and burn, and even to return 
to a more naturally occurring wildland fire regime. Still, many questions 
remain, especially concerning wildland fire events at the urban-forest 
interface and for landscapes east of the Mississippi River, which are so 
different from those west of the river. Urban and suburban growth through 
the 20th Century has dramatically increased the association of housing and 
people with wildlands, increasing the complexity of fuel management and 
fire fighting activities. In addition new air quality regulations, 
specifically for regional haze and attainment of PM2.5 have introduced the 
added dimension of emissions reduction techniques for prescribed and 
agricultural burning mandated by Smoke Management Programs in each State. 
Since topography, climate, ecosystems, and development patterns are all 
so different in east and west, it is time for a focused look at these 
issues from an eastern perspective.
EastFIRE Conference, the conference to discuss wildland fire in eastern
landscapes, will bring together researchers, technicians, software
vendors, and all other interested parties to share information and
advances in eastern wildland fire research. EastFIRE Conference will be
held from May 11 through May 13 in George Mason University, Fairfax
Campus, VA (near Washington, D.C.).
Topics for the EastFireConference sessions include:
1.A.Remote Sensing and Modeling of Fire Occurrence, Behavior, and 
burned areas for Eastern States Wildland Fire
2A Climate Variability and Wildland Fire In the Eastern United States
3A Remote Sensing and Simulation Models to Assess Social, Cultural, and
Economics of Eastern United States Wildland Fire
1B Remote Sensing and Modeling of Fire and Air Quality in the Eastern
United States
2B Wildland Fire, Biodiversity, Landscapes and Remote Sensing
Applications in the Eastern United States
3B Remote Sensing and Modeling Applications for Wildland Fire in the
Eastern United States Wildland Urban Interface
1C Remote Sensing and Modeling for Wildland Fire in Eastern States
Landscapes and Watersheds
2C Remote Sensing and Modeling Applications for Fuel Treatments in the
Eastern United States
3C Decision Support Systems for Wildland Fire Management in the Eastern
United States
Hank Wolf, Logistics Chair

hwolf at gmu.edu           (703)993-3637

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