[ESIP-all] Federation GIS Cluster telecon

Rob Raskin raskin at seastar.jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 22 13:06:45 EST 2005

The Federation GIS Gluster will have a telecon Monday Feb 28 at noon PST
(3pm EST).  The Cluster has a new Coordinator - Ted Habermann from NGDC
(Ted.Habermann at noaa.gov) - and a new e-mail list.  Even if you were on
the previous GIS Cluster e-mail list, you will need to join the new list
to receive future communications.  Join the new list at:
http://lists.deltaforce.net/mailman/listinfo/esip-gis .

Monday February 28, noon PST (3pm EST)
Dial:  (800) 508-7631
Pass Code:  *7935534*


1. Updating the list of GIS resources within the Federation

2. Initiating regular telecons with ESRI to convey the scientific needs
of a GIS.  ESRI is open to developing new tools to support science
(e.g., 4-D data, HDF-EOS, and swath support), but has requested input
from us.  Also, ESRI will help the Federation create themed portals on
our Web site.

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