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Please see the following position announcement from John Bates at
Scientific Data Stewardship Program
(SDS Site Development and SDS Site Population).
STG Inc will provide the National Climatic Data Center support to
develop requirements, assist in architecting and designing appropriate
software, apply current and emerging standards and systems, recommend,
develop, implement, administer, integrate, and support systems and
procedures to address the needs of the SDS program.  
STG Inc will help produce, convert, maintain, update, administer and
integrate traditional documentation and data sources, identifying
opportunities and approaches for integrating advanced information
technology with other NCDC systems. 
SDS Site Development.  Provide development support aiming at an
Enterprise-scope site combining databases, web and grid services, and IT
related to RDF, OWL, and Triple-Store database approaches to a Science
Data Stewardship program that will be used as part of the US
contribution to GEOSS and other international programs of high
*      Assist in developing the SDS database and web interfaces, working
closely with the SDS Program Manager in development and documentation of
the site
*      Integration of SDS's applications with NCDC web sites that are
expected to use the Apache Tomcat server, including Ada, FORTRAN, or C
code developed by other individuals
*      Support the NCDC Webmaster in maintaining the SDS-specific web
pages to insure that they comply to NOAA-wide standards
*      Stay abreast of current IT and provide guidance to NCDC in making
decisions about which such technologies to pursue and support. 
*      Provide support and training to application developers in using
those technologies.
SDS Site Population - Expected to provide support for gathering
information needed by the SDS site, inserting that information into it,
and verifying that the information is correctly displayed, accessible,
and usable.  
*      Assist the SDS Program Manger in identifying useful sources of
data for the SDS program, with particular attention to the needs of the
CEOSS program and Climate Data Records built from "Essential Climate
*      Obtaining information and data from the identified sources and
ensuring successful ingest of that information and data into the SDS web
*      Testing the SDS web site for usability
*      Verifying the correctness of information obtained from the SDS
web site
Inventory of Datasets for Reanalysis.   Assist in preparing an inventory
of datasets for reanalysis will require coordination with all major data
centers, all member countries of WMO, and experts of WOAP. 
*      Prepare inventories of reanalysis observations (on the level of
observation records) from major Data Centers and Centers of Data.  
*      Identify data families and contacts for each family at the
reanalysis centers and data centers.  For each family conduct a
comprehensive inventory compilation.  
*      Compare NCAR and NCDC inventories for surface and upper air using
an inventory record structure designed by NCAR and NCDC.
*      Draft inventory record structure for moving platforms. 
*      Consult with ICOADS and WOB experts to assure compatibility.
*      Collect inventories in established forms from JMA, ECMWF, NCEP,
NASA, BoM for data not from NCDC, NCAR, or in ICOADS and WOD into a
merged data set database.
*      Add ancillary data (reanalysis feedback files - add specific
fields; other expert calibration and inter-calibration information) to
merged data set database.
Gridded Data Product Development.  Provide the National Climatic Data
Center support to develop requirements, assist in architecting and
designing appropriate software, apply current and emerging standards and
systems, recommend, develop, implement, administer, integrate, and
support systems and procedures for this data production environment,
ensuring that the environment meets the needs of scientists working it -
a grid computing enabled environment with resource reservation and
*      Assist in designing and implementing a production environment
with appropriate automated configuration management.
*      Integration of scientist developed production applications into
the production environment
*      Monitoring use of the production environment, dealing with
non-automated exceptions, and periodically reporting on the state of the
*      Provide support and training to application developers in using
this environment.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
Qualifications - Seeking candidates with many of the following
qualifications for four positions:
*      M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent discipline; doctorate in
Atmospheric Science, Climatology, Oceanography, Environmental
Engineering or a related discipline required for WOAB; BS or Meteorology
courses required for site population
*      At least 3 years experience with the installation,
administration, and use of various software technologies including UML,
XML, XML Schema, Tomcat, Java Servlets, relational databases
(particularly MySQL and PostGreSQL), Web Services Standards, Grid
Services Standards, RDF, OWL, and Triple Store. 
*      Experience (moderate level) with the installation,
administration, and use of a Tomcat-based Java web server. 
*      Programming experience (moderate level) in Java and Perl
*      Programming experience in other languages such as Ada, FORTRAN,
C, C++, and Python
*      Ability to use Web search tools to locate and harvest useful data
from the Web.
*      Ability to enter data into Web interface forms or to build
text-based files for bulk entry of data.
*      Demonstrated experience performing international coordination,
working with World Climate Research Program.  
*      Expertise in the identification of datasets, both in-situ and
satellite, important for the reanalysis of climate models, demonstrating
an understanding of historical and near-real-time in situ and remote
sensing data. 
*      Experience with leading World Data Centers and with the World
Centers for Medium Range and Global Modeling.  
*      Demonstrated experience with creating documents, producing
workshop reports, utilizing data inventory systems, creating tables,
graphs, communicating at a high level with scientists, leads of
*      Demonstrated knowledge of the Modeling Panel of the WCRP, (WMP) 
*      MS Level experience in Operations Research and related industrial
engineering disciplines, including some familiarity with scheduling
algorithms and disciplines. 
*      Ability to communicate well in English and work well with others.

*      Ability to write and keep up-to-date user- and developer-level
documentation, and to train others in the above technologies. 
*      Experience communicating scientific information. 
Qualified candidates should submit a resume indicating position of
interest, your area of specialization and salary requirements to
jhoffman at stginc.com
Carol B. Meyer
Deputy Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
877.870.3747 (toll-free)
919.870.7141 (fax)
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