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Subject: NASA Funding Opportunity (new) - Gulf of Mexico
The NASA Earth Science Division's Applied Sciences Program recently
issued a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for projects focusing on the
Gulf of Mexico.  This RFP provides funds for projects seeking to apply
Earth science data (satellite observations, model products,
visualizations, etc.) to decision making activities in the Gulf of
Mexico region.  The RFP particularly focuses on topics called out by
Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) and the GOMA Governor's Action Plan  (see
websites below).   
The Full proposals are due Sept. 30, 2008.  
Given the timing, we are not asking for Notices of Intent for this
This solicitation is Appendix A.28 under the omnibus NASA Research
Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences 2008 (ROSES-2008).
The text of the RFP is available through the NASA "NSPIRES"  website:
http://nspires.nasaprs.com <http://nspires.nasaprs.com/>   
Follow links for Solicitations >>> Open Solicitations >>> ROSES-2008 >>>
List of Program Elements
Within Program Elements, look for "Earth Science for Decision Making:
Gulf of Mexico Region"   (Code:  NNH08ZDA001N-GULF)
Note: The NSPIRES website has all the details about how to propose to a
NASA solicitation.  
The solicitation is also available at http://grants.gov  (Keywords:
ROSES-2008 Gulf of Mexico Region )
The Point of Contact for this Solicitation at NASA HQ is John Haynes,
(202) 358-4665,  JHaynes at nasa.gov  
We'd appreciate if you can forward this announcement to others.  
Gulf of Mexico Alliance websites:
General GOMA website:  http://www.dep.state.fl.us/gulf/default.htm
GOMA Governor's Gulf Action Plan:
Lawrence Friedl                             
NASA Applied Sciences Program   202-358-1599  phone
Earth Science Division                   202-358-3098  fax
Science Mission Directorate           LFriedl at nasa.gov  
NASA Headquarters 
Washington, DC  20546 
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