[ESIP-all] Examples of federal funding opportunities that mention data management costs

Mark A. Parsons parsonsm at nsidc.org
Wed Jun 10 13:49:09 EDT 2009

Hi Ken,

This following NRC recommendation doesn't  provide the specific  
guidance you seek, but it's a reference-able source that can reinforce  
the argument to include money for data management:

> Recommendation 17. In general, the presumption in environmental
> research should be that "data worth collecting are worth saving."
> Funding agencies therefore should consider stipulating that all
> research applicants include in their research plans well-conceived and
> adequately funded arrangements for data management and for the  
> ultimate
> disposition of their data. While it is impossible to establish  
> universal
> guidelines for funding, the committee's investigations suggest that
> setting aside 10 percent of the total project cost for data management
> would not be unreasonable. These cost estimates should include
> adequate funds for preparing thorough metadata that serve the needs of
> all potential users. In order for these requirements to be fully
> effective, however, the agencies must adequately support active  
> archivesand
> long-term data repositories. (See also Recommendation 12.)

NRC (National Research Council). 1995. Finding the Forest in the  
Trees: The Challenge of Combining Diverse Environmental Data.  
Washington, DC: National Acadamies Press .



On 10 Jun 2009, at 10:27 AM, Kenneth Casey wrote:

> Dear ESIP,
> Margot Bohan (margot.bohan at noaa.gov) from NOAA's Office of  
> Exploration and Research (OER) asked me an interesting question...  
> they are getting ready to publish their annual funding announcement  
> and are interested in including in it clear, succinct guidance to  
> the PIs on how much they should include in their proposal budgets to  
> handle data management (submission, archive, access).   I was  
> wondering if any of you knew offhand of any specific ones that  
> included such guidance... Margot and the OER would find the  
> inclusion of such a statement much easier if they could base it off  
> an existing example.
> Thanks for any info you can provide!
> Ken
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