[ESIP-all] (resending): Notes on 2012 August BRDI meeting

Joe Hourcle oneiros at grace.nascom.nasa.gov
Sat Sep 8 13:27:34 EDT 2012

(yes, I'm cross posting this ... apologies to anyone who gets duplicates,
but at least I haven't pasted the whole thing in ... so you only get the
extra-short notes ... although, only the ESIP & ESSI ones are the same,
I've customized the rest by group)

(and it might come through twice to the ESIP list, as I first sent it
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Anyway, I've put my notes online for anyone interested:


I only attended the first day of the meeting (Aug 29th), and the symposium;
I didn't go to the open portion of their meeting on the 30th.

Their program is at:


Likely the most important things for this group:

	There's now some space science representation on the board
	(Alan Title, Lockheed Martin) ... still no NASA, though.
	[okay, maybe that one wasn't as relevant for the ESIP folks,
	but solar is an input for earth systems]

	Presentations & audio recordings from the July 19th symposium on
	digital curation workforce development are online:
	In September, BRDI should be putting out three reports on the
	following topics:
		attribution (from last Augusts' meeting)
		the case for sharing data
		science knowledge discovery

	NSF has started funding on what they were calling the 'Data Web
	Forum', but not might be renamed the 'Research Data Alliance',
	which in part is looking to put together an IETF-like framework.
	If I understood correctly, they'd then be soliciting RFCs-like
	documents of what different groups are doing, so that we can
	build on each other's good ideas.
	There's an OMB memo from August 24th on 'Managing Government
	Records' which has quite a bit about digital records:
	I would assume that data generated by the government projects
	would qualify as 'records'.

	NSF had a couple of 'Dear Colleague' letters issued on data
	citation & data-intensive education:
	(and the first one cites the Parsons, Duerr & Minster article
	in Eos)

Upcoming Meetings (sorry, not a whole lot of info on these)

	Oct 17-18, a meeting on digital curation in Redmond, Washington.

	Dec. 11th, a 'Big Data' workshop at the Library of Congress


ps.  Don't forget ... Ruth for AGU ESSI secretary!  (if nothing else,
    not voting for me means I have more time to go and report on things
    like this)

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