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Thornton, Michele M. thorntonmm at ornl.gov
Wed Nov 28 13:47:43 EST 2012

Hi Annette,

As the user interface to many of the Daymet technical questions, I am consistently pleased with the interest and variety of applications that this dataset provides.   I'm glad to hear that it's "exactly" what you were looking for.  I don't see THAT very often.  We have tried to be thoughtful in providing this dataset in a format and standard that is useful to researchers, educators, and students.  Bob Cook and our technical team at the ORNL DAAC saw the utility and had the know-how to include the Singe Pixel Extraction visualization which many have found very useful.  Your interests seem to have the possibility to take this to a level that we certainly did not anticipate.  That's very cool.  Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions that could further refine our data delivery.  Once again, I apologize for the technical glitch that you experienced yesterday.  They are rare and we try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards,
Michele Thornton

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Many thanks Ranjeet,

 yes the Daymet services are working now.  This is very nice and exactly what I was looking for!

take care,

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