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Carol Meyer carolbmeyer at esipfed.org
Mon Jul 15 13:25:45 EDT 2013

*Nine New Members *

*Elected to Federation of Earth Science Information Partners*

*July 15, 2013 *—The Assembly of the Federation of Earth Science
Information Partners (ESIP Federation) announced that it elected nine new
partner organizations at its summer meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
ESIP Federation partners (now numbering 160) work globally connecting
various domain, sector and agency communities to exchange knowledge about
emerging Earth science data, technical and science topics. The overall goal
is to improve discovery, access and use of broadly distributed Earth
science data.

“The latest cohort of partners reinforces the broad community that the ESIP
Federation has become,” said Karl Benedict, ESIP Federation President.
 “Since 1997, the ESIP Federation has provided a neutral forum where
practitioners address timely topics of interest. As a
community-led-organization, the ESIP Federation is advancing emerging
technologies while making contributions to data management practices both
domestically and abroad. The ESIP Federation’s standing as a collaboration
network has led to its recognition as the go-to place to forge consensus on
emerging data-related topics.”

The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) is a
broad-based, distributed community of science data and information
technology practitioners that leverage collaboration and coordinate
interoperability efforts across the Earth science community. Partners
utilize these independent forums for knowledge exchange and collaboration –
an intellectual commons – where practitioners solve common challenges.
Partnership in the ESIP Federation is open to organizations that work at
the intersection of Earth science data and supporting technologies.

The new member organizations include (member type in parenthesis):

   - Community Modeling & Analysis (CMAS) Center at UNC (Type 3)
   - Discinnet Labs (Type 2)
   - Geological Survey of Alabama (Type 2)
   - JPL Data Systems and Technology Group (Type 3)
   - Knowledge Motifs (Type 3)
   - NASA Capacity Building Program (Type 3)
   - National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) (Type 2)
   - OPeNDAP – (Type 2)
   - Vightel Corporation (Type 2)

Additional information on the new partners can be found at

ESIP Federation membership is strictly voluntary and its continued growth
reflects the recognition that the ESIP Federation is a dynamic and
collaborative forum where data providers (Type 1 ESIP), researchers (Type 2
ESIP) and application developers (Type 3 ESIP) gather to exchange valuable
information.   According to Benedict, “The continued growth of the ESIP
Federation demonstrates the value data and technology practitioners receive
from participation in this dynamic, community-driven network.”

The ESIP Federation is a consortium of Earth science data and technology
professionals spanning government (NASA, NOAA, EPA, USGS, NSF), academia
and the private sectors (both commercial and nonprofit). The organization
is dedicated to transforming research data and information into useful and
usable data and information products for scientists, decision makers,
policy makers and the public. Initiated by NASA in 1997, the ESIP
Federation provides data, products and services to decision makers and
researchers in public and private settings. The Foundation for Earth
Science provides management services to the ESIP Federation.


Carol B Meyer
Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
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