[ESIP-all] AGU 9 Climate Literacy Sessions - Please consider contributing an abstract

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Thanks Tamara for organizing this!

A quick clarification on our session: Climate Literacy- Beyond Climate
Literacy: Toward Effective Responses to Global Change.  It is actually
ED006: http://bit.ly/10nWLUg

The focus of this session will be both beyond the primary climate focus
(causes/effects of global surface temperatures) to include other global
changes caused by environmental impacts of human activities, as well as
"beyond" science literacy into the realm of informed decision-making,
preparation and action.

Please consider submitting an abstract to this session if you are involved
with related research or projects that go beyond the traditional bounds of
climate literacy.


On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 12:17 PM, Tamara Ledley <tamara_ledley at terc.edu>wrote:

> The CLEAN Network (formerly Climate Literacy Network) has organized 9
> Climate Literacy sessions and a Workshop for the 2013 Fall AGU meeting in
> San Francisco (December 9-13, 2013).  The titles of these sessions and the
> workshop are below and I have attached a Word document that lists the
> titles with their descriptions and the convenors.  We are also honored to
> have one of these sessions accepted as a union session, U005: Climate
> Literacy: The Role of the AGU Scientific Community in Climate Change
> Communication and Engagement, through which we hope to engage a much larger
> audiences, especially AGU scientists.  This session is by invitation only.
> Please consider submitting a contributed abstract to one or more of the 8
> sessions below (you can only be first author of one contributed education
> abstract).  We hope that the descriptions are distinct so you see where
> your work fits.  However, given the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary
> nature of climate science we understand if you are undecided which session
> to submit in.  You can contact the convenors or me (I will be away July
> 15-21) if you need clarification.
> The abstract deadline is August 6th.  You can submit your abstracts or
> search the sessions here
> https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/scientific-program/abstract-submission-policies/or get other information about the meeting here
> http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/.
> Thanks and I hope you see you and hear about your work at the 2013 Fall
> AGU meeting.
> Tamara
> AGU Climate Literacy Sessions
> Fall 2013 Meeting
> ED005: Climate Literacy and the Next Generation Science Standards for K-12
> Education
> ED007: Climate Literacy: Anytime, Anywhere Climate Communication -
> Successful Strategies Outside the Classroom
> ED008: Climate Literacy: Barriers, Misconceptions, and Progress in
> Improving Climate Literacy
> ED009: Climate Literacy: Beyond the Comfort Zone - New Approaches to
> Climate Change in Higher Education
> ED010: Climate Literacy: Impacts, Evidence, and Best Practices from
> Research and Evaluation
> ED011: Climate Literacy: International Climate Change Education Activities
> ED012: Climate Literacy: Scaling Impacts of Climate Literacy Efforts
> through Effective Partnerships and Networks
> ED029: Climate Literacy- Beyond Climate Literacy: Toward Effective
> Responses to Global Change
> Information about other Climate Literacy events:
> U005: Climate Literacy: The Role of the AGU Scientific Community in
> Climate Change Communication and Engagement - PRESENTATIONS IN UNION
> AGU EDUCATION WORKSHOP – To be scheduled on Thursday of AGU week.  Plan to
> schedule other sessions Monday through Wednesday.
> Preparing for Global Change: Education, Collaboration and Community
> Engagement to Enable a Science Savvy Society – Mark McCaffrey, Minda
> Berbeco, Tamara Ledley
> ___________________________________
> Tamara Shapiro Ledley, PhD
> Senior Scientist, TERC
> 2067 Massachusetts Ave
> Cambridge, MA 02140
> phone: 617-873-9658; fax: 617-349-3535

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