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It is a big shock and huge lost for the geospatial informatics communities and spatial data infrastructure from local to global. Doug's work has led and setup the foundation of SDI developments in the past decades. May peace rest with him and his grand daughter forever. 

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Yang C., Huang Q., Li Z., Xu C., Liu K., 2014. Spatial Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach. CRC Press. 358p.
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It is with extreme sadness and shock that I inform you that Doug Nebert of the FGDC Secretariat died in a plane crash in Oregon this past Saturday. A truly tragic loss.

A long-time employee, friend, and colleague, Doug's career spanned over 30 years of service with USGS. Ever committed to furthering the availability and use of geospatial and mapping technologies to address important issues, Doug was known nationally and internationally for his expertise, technical ability, and dedication to building cooperative relationships, integrated technical solutions, and spatial data infrastructures. The ripples of Doug's loss will literally be felt by colleagues and friends around the world.

We are awaiting for information from Doug's family on condolences and funeral arrangements and will share them as soon as we receive them.

Please keep Doug's family in your thoughts and prayers.

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