[ESIP-all] ESIP Data Stewardship Committee Vice Chair

Justin Goldstein jgoldstein at usgcrp.gov
Tue Mar 22 08:48:45 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,
Just an FYI that the Data Stewardship Committee is in the process of
electing a vice-chair for the remainder of 2016.  The election will be
ongoing until 9 PM Eastern on Monday, March 28.


Justin Goldstein, Ph.D.
Advance Science Climate Data and Observing Systems Coordinator
US Global Change Research Program

1800 G Street NW, Suite 9100,  (*Note New Address)*
Washington, D.C. 20006, U.S.A.
phone: (202) 419-3496
e-mail: jgoldstein AT usgcrp Dot gov

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