[ESIP-all] Big Data in the Geosciences Workshop

Narock, Thomas tnarock at ndm.edu
Tue Aug 30 10:54:52 EDT 2016

Please consider submitting. Paper submissions are due September 25.

Big Data Challenges, Research, and Technologies in the Earth and Planetary Sciences

Workshop Website: http://geo-bigdata.github.io/
Workshop Location: part of IEEE International Big Data Conference 2016, Washington D.C.
Workshop Date: Monday, December 5th, 2016

A new paradigm is needed in order to increase the productivity and effectiveness of scientific data analysis for Earth and planetary science investigation. This paradigm must recognize that architectural and analytical choices are interrelated, and must be carefully coordinated in any system that aims to allow efficient, interactive scientific exploration and discovery to exploit massive data collections, from point of collection to analysis and decision support.

Both observational systems and data centers will be needed as part of this new paradigm, which includes the significant increase in size and complexity of science data as well as new approaches across the entire data lifecycle from capture to management and analysis of the data.

This workshop builds off of two successful previous workshops in this area. The Big Data in the Geosciences<http://geo-bigdata.github.io/geo-bigdata15.html> and the Data and Computational Science Technologies for Each Science Research<http://ieee-bigdata-earthscience.jpl.nasa.gov/> workshops have merged to offer a comprehensive venue for all aspects of Big Data in the Earth and Planetary Sciences. We seek computational and data science experts to present on their research and discuss Big Data roadmaps, architectures, technologies, and methodologies for future Earth and planetary science data challenges emerging from both instrumentation and data access and analytics.

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