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I was looking at http://gcmd.gsfc.nasa.gov/KeywordSearch/Titles.do?Portal=soos-beta&MetadataType=0 and refined my search with the string "SOOS". This gave me 213 records found. I would like to download those 213 records without clicking on them all. A list of ID's that I could convert into a bunch of curl commands would be wonderful. I am cc'ing Tyler because I think he helped me with requests like this in the past...

Hopefully yours,

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Hi Pip and Ted - Yes, we can definitely set up a time to chat. Does Thursday Nov 17th or Friday, Nov 18th work for both of you?

Regarding the AODN translations, I'll need to go back and refresh my memory on the specifics of those translations. Will do that before we meet.



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Hi Alicia,

Ted and I have both been in a conversation today on polar metadata interoperability, and the issue of translating various flavours of ISO to DIFs came up, Could we please make a time to chat about what the technical issues are that stop the development of a single ISO-DIF translator? I'm afraid that I'm not the best person to explain the details of why the AODN records were translating so badly. I'm not sure if we need one of the coders to be involved as well? Ted may be able to provide some advice to the interoperability group on how we use ISO better to make this less problematic.

Also, the group is interested in engaging with the review of GCMD keywords that's going on. Am I right in thinking that there's a discussion group that people can join? If so, could you please send me a link so that I can forward it to the group?


Dr Pip Bricher
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