[ESIP-all] Esri Imagery Education Community and Summit and Listserve- Nov 9-10, 2017--Please join us!

Tripp Corbett CCorbett at esri.com
Mon Aug 7 12:35:11 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I wanted to send out this invitation to the ESIP Community, as I think it is particularly relevant.

This November we are hosting a free summit in Redlands, CA for members of organizations with remote sensing and earth observation programs.  Even if you/an interested party cannot attend, the Register button below also provides the option to just sign up for the imagery in education Listserve our Imagery team (who also handle multidimensional EO data for Esri) will be standing up.

Over the last few years Esri has been advancing the capabilities in ArcGIS to better handle and work with imagery and multidimensional earth observation data.  While these advancements are useful, we feel we haven't been engaging with the research and higher education community as best as we could be to help professors and research managers understand how their GIS curriculum can be further evolved to incorporate valuable earth observation data with the new tools.

Further, as alluded to below, Esri would like feedback on the direction the user community would like us to take further development toward.  I personally believe that the many metadata experts on this email would have great feedback.

I know we have many university partners in ESIP, and many of you as scientists also work with universities who aren't yet part of ESIP.  My hope is you will find the below useful, forward it to your colleagues who may be interested, and that we will see you in Redlands.

I am happy to answer questions from those who have them.

Hope everyone had nice weekends,


Tripp Corbett | National Government NASA & FCC Accounts Manager
Esri | 8615 Westwood Center Drive | Vienna, VA 22182 | USA
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From: Jessica Haro-Sacilioc On Behalf Of Lawrie Jordan
Sent: Friday, August 4, 2017 6:26 PM
To: Tripp Corbett <CCorbett at esri.com>
Subject: PLEASE JOIN US: Esri Imagery Education Community and Summit - Nov 9-10, 2017

[Esri | The Science of Where]

[Esri Imagery]<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.eventbrite.com_e_imagery-2Deducation-2Dsummit-2Dtickets-2D33686710859&d=DwIFAg&c=n6-cguzQvX_tUIrZOS_4Og&r=z_UkiNdaPPnn6f_5YCcwk8pcqAmUKyJq-jppGhCSDi8&m=eGTG0b_1HhyDJEi6Q5s4d99UZywsBx832aQiPU31IQU&s=FEm0esJttpVydMtphVemsvuKTGkvo93-gCKuxkFbsY0&e= >
    Credit: Image courtesy of Digital Globe(r)

Dear Tripp:

          I am writing this letter to extend a personal invitation to you to join a new collaborative group we are forming at Esri known as the "Imagery Education Community." Initiated by Jack Dangermond, this new activity seeks to bring together key individuals from universities and research organizations which have programs of excellence in Remote Sensing and Earth Observation, and that are considered thought leaders in this domain.

          A major objective of the Imagery Education Community is to establish a collaborative forum and communications channel that allows educators and researchers to share their latest work in remote sensing applications, algorithm developments, and good science with each other and the GIS community. We also want to provide this group with an important voice into the technology development roadmap at Esri, by allowing you to share your insights into those areas where technology gaps exist and where further investments in research may be needed to ensure that GIS users are successful with imagery.

          To lend specific incentive support to this effort, Esri will be making advanced copies of its latest imagery-related software available to Imagery Education Community members prior to the official public release, for your review, assessment and feedback. It is our hope that this will be of value to you in your classroom activities, curriculum development, and research projects, and that you will be interested in sharing the results of your work with the Imagery Education Community. We are also looking into the possibility of offering free consulting visits to a limited number of interested campuses in order to set up the newest version of the imagery platform for researchers to test and collaborate with us on projects.

          To this end, we will be hosting the first Imagery Education Summit in Redlands on November 9-10, 2017, where we will share our latest imagery tools as well as provide you with an opportunity to present some of your activities, results, and perspectives.

          I am very pleased to be joined in this effort by my colleagues Dawn Wright, Esri Chief Scientist, and David DiBiase, Director of Esri Education Programs. Many of you may have already received a "Save the Date" email from one of us regarding the Imagery Education Summit in November. We sincerely hope that everyone will be able to attend. A more detailed agenda will be developed soon as we receive and evaluate your responses to this invitation.

          Please let us know if you are interested in being a member of the Imagery Education Community and/or participating in the Imagery Education Summit by clicking the "Register Today" link below.

          We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Lawrie E. Jordan III
Director of Imagery and Remote Sensing | Esri
909-793-2853 x1406 | Cell: 909-554-0808
Register Today<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.eventbrite.com_e_imagery-2Deducation-2Dsummit-2Dtickets-2D33686710859&d=DwIFAg&c=n6-cguzQvX_tUIrZOS_4Og&r=z_UkiNdaPPnn6f_5YCcwk8pcqAmUKyJq-jppGhCSDi8&m=eGTG0b_1HhyDJEi6Q5s4d99UZywsBx832aQiPU31IQU&s=FEm0esJttpVydMtphVemsvuKTGkvo93-gCKuxkFbsY0&e= >

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