[Esip-dds] DDS Data life cycle models available

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Fri Feb 8 16:56:55 EST 2013

I am happy to pick a data model and post it for comments and review. 
I'll do that ASAP.    If anyone else wants to chat with me about the 
choice off line (or pick one themselves), please contact me.

(Btw, Paul, I totally get "May all your problems be technical" - the 
phrase is a blessing! at least, to an engineer. ;) Yes, technical 
problems often, but not always, have easy solutions.  It's those pesky 

Jeff, thanks for that perspective!  I think your slides show the 
objective of our picking a model - to inform what activities and content 
need to managed and at what stages of the life cycle.  That led me to 
create the attached sketch of my view of the big picture:  data life 
cycle activities, key concerns, viewed from various perspectives over 
the data life cycle.  The idea is that the perspectives are viewpoints. 
   Could this help guide us in our literature review?

People's comments and documents have helped me to better articulate a focus:

The Data Decadal Survey Goal: Assess current state of practice, make 
recommendations for 10 years hence regarding *data management activities 
and overarching concerns, considering all perspectives*.

Our goal for the next year:   Across the data life cycle, what do we 
know already about problems and recommendations regarding data 
management activities and overarching concerns and from what 
perspectives?    Which activities, concerns, and perspectives have been 
considered?  Which have not?   Where do we need help from experts?

Any and all feedback and comments are appreciated.

Again, I'll be back with a life cycle model.


On 2/8/13 7:50 AM, Jeff de La Beaujardiere - NOAA wrote:
> Attached for your consideration please find a couple of diagrams from
> the (draft) NOAA Environmental Data Management Framework that illustrate
> our lifecycle model. The first diagram (framework) indicates that there
> are over-arching considerations that apply to all data management, such
> as Principles and Governance and the other items shown, with each
> dataset having a lifecycle that may not be the same in all cases. The
> second diagram (lifecycle) enumerates possible activities in planning,
> data management, and usage phases. Not shown on this particular diagram
> are all the possible feedback loops between activities in the lifecycle.
> Regards,
> Jeff DLB
> Jeff de La Beaujardiere, PhD
> NOAA Data Management Architect
> 1335 East-West Hwy, Silver Spring MD 20910 USA
> +1 301 713 7175 (NESDIS/OSD/TPIO - SSMC1/5236)
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