[Esip-dds] Data Decadal Survey telecon today, 3:00 ET, WebEx info here

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Thu Apr 25 11:53:36 EDT 2013

Hi all,

Thank you for your thoughts towards our telecon today!  The WebEx info 
is below.

If you have some spare brain cycles today please think about Paul's 

"The summer ESIP panel could start with a description by a chair or 
scientific expert member of a successful decadal survey in a diffuse 
research area that is not too dissimilar to the field of research in 
data management. The panel could include the perspectives of a research 
funder who has implemented research priorities in a funding portfolio 
based on another survey; a staffer who has directed such a survey at the 
Academy; and one or more representatives of a research agency interested 
in a data management research survey. Both substantive and 
methodological issues could be addressed by the speakers."

Can you think of anyone that might have any of these or related 

I wonder, can we get any funding to invite people to participate, or 
must we rely on people that can fund themselves?

Is anyone that is willing to take notes for today's telecon?

Thanks!  Talk with you at 3:00.


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