[Esip-dds] Moving forward on panel discussion, feedback by Fri 5/10 please

Joe Hourcle oneiros at grace.nascom.nasa.gov
Tue May 7 03:09:40 EDT 2013

On May 6, 2013, at 7:20 PM, Anne Wilson wrote:

> Hi DDSers,
> I hope that ASAP we can settle on an abstract for our panel discussion at the the summer meeting and create a short list of people to invite as panelists.
> With Carol's help, here is a newer draft of an abstract:
> http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Summer_2013_panel_discussion#Panel_discussion_abstract
> Also, here is a list of potential panelists:
> http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Summer_2013_panel_discussion#Potential_panelists
> And here is a draft of a letter of invitation to serve on the panel:
> http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Summer_2013_panel_discussion#Draft_letter_of_invitation_to_serve_on_panel
> Please provide feedback via comments or edits.  In order to keep things moving, please provide your feedback ASAP and no later than Friday, 5/10.  Thank you!!

Probably too late for forming the panel -- but my ATR (my civil servant boss, not my contractor boss) is sending me in his place* to the OSTP / NITRD 'Big Data Senior Steering Group' meeting at the end of the month.

I don't recognize any of the names on the list, but the invitation was signed by :

	The BDSSG Domain Research Working Group
	Mark Suskin, NSF, Co-Chair
	Robert Chadduck, NSF, Co-Chair
	Laura Biven, DOE Science
	Sky Bristol, USGS
	Allen Dearry, NIH
	Emily Grumbling, NSF
	Alan Hall, NOAA
	Tsengdar Lee, NASA
	Peter Lyster, NIH
	Sastry Pantula, NSF
	Jonathan Petters, DOE Science
	Don Preuss, NIH
	Tom Statler, NSF
	Wendy Wigen, NCO/NITRD

The blurb they sent is:

	Data Sharing and Metadata Curation: Obstacles and Strategies

	The purpose of the workshop is to have focused discussions on future strategies for managing scientific data and metadata for basic and applied research; specifically, (a) how to better enable, encourage, and realize sharing of data, both across disciplinary divides and between “micro-silos” within research domains, (b) how to acquire, manage, and curate metadata in order to ensure usability and comprehensibility of data over time and between disciplines, and (c) how to enable data discovery, access, and analysis across distributed, public, and private data centers. Workshop discussions will be captured in a summary report and submitted to the Big Data Senior Steering Group and participating agencies.  This report will contribute to recommendations for future multi-agency U.S. Government action.

	Our intent in organizing this workshop is to bring together representatives from data-intensive research domains who have been contributing to community-based solutions to data challenges. Key individuals from communities such as the Materials Genome Initiative, Space Weather, Global Climate, Environmental Health, DataOne, iRODS, and the Research Data Alliance will be participating.

... I'll try my best to raise the idea ... but I don't think I'm subtle enough to pull off one of those 'make them think it's their idea' things.


* he's actually trying to get me specifically invited, rather than attending in his place ... not sure if it's so he takes less blame (then I'm speaking for myself and not for him) or if he's working on delegating this to me for the future, or if he's just being nice to me as I like these sorts of topics.

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