[Esip-dds] Time to vote! Poll closes Thursday

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Mon May 13 20:03:48 EDT 2013

Hi DDSers,

It's time for us to make our list of who to actually invite to serve on 
the panel.  I made a quick search for a tool that allowed voting for 
multiple candidates but couldn't find one.  Nor could I see a way to 
make Doodle work for that purpose.

Besides, 'It doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.' 
   - Joseph Stalin

So, please just send me your list of your top 4 candidates to serve on 
the panel, like Paul did below.  I will use some secret algorithm, er, 
sensible method to organize the votes into a final list.

There's still time to lobby for someone in particular - if you feel 
someone is particularly good, let us know.  (IMO, Dan Baker would be 
very good!)

Please send your votes to me by COB Thursday, 5/16.

Thank you!

Your vote counter,


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Hi all:

Here are my prioritized speakers in identified slots, who also may be
likely to attend (either because of ESIP membership or proximity):

Academic data scientist or manager (perhaps 2):
(1) Stan Ahalt, and (2) Bob Downs//Peter Fox

NRC Decadal Survey study lead
(3) Dan Baker or ?

Government (not funder, since they are an "audience")
(4) Tom Karl or other NCDC expert

I would not invite someone from a different discipline. FYI, I also do
plan to attend this meeting.


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Hi DDSers,

I had planned that we would have our final list of panel candidates
today, but it turns out that we need a bit more time.  In particular, we
may learn of potential candidates at the NRC.  So, I'll wait until
Monday or Tuesday before asking you to vote.

Regarding the process of compiling the final ordered list of invitees,
again I propose that you send me your top 4 candidates and I will (by
some algorithm with details TBD) order them into a list of invitees.
Please let me know if you have a better idea!  (Doodle doesn't have a
way to provide ranked votes, does it?)

Please think about your top 4 candidates and be prepared to send that to
me early next week.  If you feel strongly about any particular criteria
or candidate please let us know so that we may be informed.

Thank you for consideration!

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