[Esip-preserve] Enabling FAIR Data - Commitment Statement Review

Sophie Hou hou at ucar.edu
Mon Apr 16 15:08:03 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

Per our monthly call today, please find included below the links to AGU
Enabling FAIR Data project's Statement of Commitment and the associated
comment/feedback form.

Per Shelley, the statement is mean to embody "the common objectives to
align the Earth and space science community behind the FAIR data principles
and how those will be followed by publishers in coordination with
repositories. In particular, it contains an updated version of the COPDESS
Statement, as well as an explicit set of data guidelines for journals,
which all participating publishers have agreed to adopt."

Please feel welcome to review the statement and provide your
comment/feedback via the form or let Shelley know if you have any
additional questions/need further information.

Thank you,

*Commitment to Enabling FAIR Data in the Earth and Space Sciences*

   - The link to the “Commitment to Enabling FAIR Data in the Earth and
   Space Sciences” cover sheet and document
    (view only permission).
   - The link to the comment and feedback form
   In this form, please add your name, email, document reference and
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