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Hausman, Jessica (398G) Jessica.K.Hausman at jpl.nasa.gov
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Software citations will be submitting 2 sessions. The first is use case gathering for the new cluster and the second will be a cursory analysis of them. I don't know if this helps the incubator, but I'm sure you'll have some good use cases.

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   1. Fwd: ESIP Stewardship session proposals (Matthew Mayernik)


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Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 13:15:49 -0600
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Hi all,
Is anybody submitting ESIP Summer Meeting sessions related to
software/service/infrastructure sustainability? We are interested in
talking about these issues in relation to our ESIPhub incubator project,
see Sean Gordon's email below.

Or, alternatively, if you are interesting in talking about these issues as
they apply to your own systems, let us know and maybe we could submit a
session ourselves before the deadline.


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Date: Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: ESIP Stewardship session proposals
To: Matthew Mayernik <mayernik at ucar.edu>
Cc: Keith Maull <kmaull at ucar.edu>

The ESIP Labs Incubator Project ESIPhub <https://goo.gl/ENoMyU> will be
supporting workshops from a variety of members and Clusters. We will do
this by providing a cyberinfrastructure using Jupyterhub to serve multiple
Jupyter Notebooks over the web so that people can join workshops and not
have to set up their computers to do it. Once this Summer?s Meeting is over
there are no current models to sustain the CI. How do we preserve our Lab
project so that it is usable down the road, or by some member organization?
How can we ensure that the scientific software package is FAIR?

 I?m wondering if there are any session proposals from Stewardship where a
talk on the packaging of this community customized scientific software
would be appropriate.


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