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Kerstin Lehnert lehnert at ldeo.columbia.edu
Mon Apr 30 11:59:43 EDT 2018

Hi Matt,

I just submitted a proposal to Sloan to plan sustainability of the IGSN 
infrastructure of PIDs for material samples. I would very much like to 
participate in this session.


On 4/27/18 15:15, Matthew Mayernik via Esip-preserve wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is anybody submitting ESIP Summer Meeting sessions related to 
> software/service/infrastructure sustainability? We are interested in 
> talking about these issues in relation to our ESIPhub incubator 
> project, see Sean Gordon's email below.
> Or, alternatively, if you are interesting in talking about these 
> issues as they apply to your own systems, let us know and maybe we 
> could submit a session ourselves before the deadline.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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> From: *Sean Gordon* <scgordon at hdfgroup.org <mailto:scgordon at hdfgroup.org>>
> Date: Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 1:05 PM
> Subject: Re: ESIP Stewardship session proposals
> To: Matthew Mayernik <mayernik at ucar.edu <mailto:mayernik at ucar.edu>>
> Cc: Keith Maull <kmaull at ucar.edu <mailto:kmaull at ucar.edu>>
> TheESIP Labs Incubator Project ESIPhub <https://goo.gl/ENoMyU>will be 
> supporting workshops from a variety of members and Clusters. We will 
> do this by providing a cyberinfrastructure using Jupyterhub to serve 
> multiple Jupyter Notebooks over the web so that people can join 
> workshops and not have to set up their computers to do it. Once this 
> Summer’s Meeting is over there are no current models to sustain the 
> CI. How do we preserve our Lab project so that it is usable down the 
> road, or by some member organization? How can we ensure that the 
> scientific software package is FAIR?
>  I’m wondering if there are any session proposals from Stewardship 
> where a talk on the packaging of this community customized scientific 
> software would be appropriate.
> Thanks,
> Sean
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